How often have you spent sleepless nights searching for content writing jobs on job portals?

Fed up of being constantly rejected or ignored?

Maybe you simply lack the skillset that recruiters are looking for.

Who doesn’t dream of a job that matches their passion for writing?

Content writing is a job for creative writers out there. Who dare to dream and create unique content to attract viewership. Thus, building a rapport with the brand they promote. It’s no wonder that content writers are hunted after in all corners of the world.

But without prep, your writing skills remain mediocre. That’s why it’s necessary to focus your talent on these 5 core areas.

5 Skills to Land Those Elusive Content Writing Jobs

To add spice to your write-ups, pay attention to some of the strategies followed below. It will surely bring the best content writer out of your soul.

Ready to tackle your job role in the vast wilderness of the Indian job market.

Here are a few tips that will ease out your journey from a normal writer to a professional content writer.

1. Content Writing Jobs Require Adaptability

As a content writer, there are no limits. The ability to handle different niches with ease makes the writers versatile and these writers find demand in this field.

Adapting to different writing styles such as APA and MLA will make you more suitable for content writing jobs across the world.

Mastering the techniques of writing crisp blogs, short-informational news, extended whitepapers, short and convincing Ad copy will make you a perfect fit in the creative industry.

2. Originality is a Necessary Perk

It is not all about copy-paste content; instead, you have to master the topic through various researches. An authentic voice always attracts more listeners.

If you involve in plagiarism and copy your content. Your readers will find you repulsive and stay away. Be unique and up to date with your content and presentation skills.

Remain precise in your content by offering a solution to a problem. Become a trustworthy source of information and the results pave their way to success and rewards.

3. Polish Your SEO Techniques

As a writer you may be the best, but what if your readers can’t find you? That’s where SEO friendly content writers have career value in content writing placements.

Be aware of the latest algorithm changes in Google and accordingly utilize keywords and titles.

Without a compromise in quality, deliver in-depth content in a versatile way. This will ensure you remain at the top.

A top SEO tool I recommend is SEMrush, while it’s expensive, it’s worth it when you go professional. (Get a free 7-day trial)

4. Laser-focus on Quality over Quantity

The readability and quality of content are valued aspects of digital content. If you can reproduce your ideas into simple sentences without grammar and spellchecks, half your job is done.

Even if you’re someone that makes many spelling errors. I have a solution at the end of the article. So, stay put.

Meeting the deadline is another important as far as the clients are considered. You must manage the quality and time hand in hand to be a highly-paid writer.

5. All about being a Specialist

If you are consistently delivering innovative write-ups on special topics, the readers will get a feel that you have an upper hand on the writing battlefield.

Putting such beliefs on the high end is the inevitable presence in the social media platforms and other relevant sites. Finally, there’s a high demand from the readers’ side for your expert advice on a particular niche.

Bonus Tip!

An effective writing aid that every content writer must have in their arsenal is Grammarly. This magic tool saves copious amounts of time in proofreading, editing, polishing grammar, and perfecting sentence structure.

This article would have taken hours to edit and proofread without it.

The best thing about Grammarly is it’s completely free. The features in its free version are satisfactory for novice content writers. It’s even available as a Chrome extension.



The panache for writing will be the first and foremost quality for the content writing jobs. But the inquisitive researching skills and the SEO knowledge will be highly rated plus points in the field. With consistent efforts and passion, position yourself at the top.

Similarly, if you’re looking for quality content or have queries regarding content writing. Feel free to reach us here.



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