5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog in 2020

by Feb 13, 2020

Why does your business need a blog today?

Imagine this scenario – you own a small business that launched recently. You’ve begun to aggressively promote your services or product utilizing online marketing strategies.


Your Google analytics page demonstrates that your ad campaigns are killing it.


You’ve got over 1000 new customers this week.


Things are starting to look great.


A month goes by! and you’re shocked to notice your conversion rate is a big fat 0.


What are you missing out on?


The biggest factor – a blog.


In this writeup, we’ll explain exactly why it’s critical for businesses to have a blog in 2020.


1. Blogging builds Awareness for Your Brand


There it is. You’ve launched a new product in the market and no one knows what it is.


You’ve gone ahead and spent costly advertising campaigns to promote your product.


Yet the sales are down at the bottom.


Why is this happening?


Because your customers don’t understand the product or its usefulness.


If Steve Jobs came out with the iPod without hosting a product demo and went straight to release, there would be no hype for the iPod and zero customer interest.


Similarly, it’s important to create a buzz around your product and a blog is a cost-effective way to get the word quickly around town.


Blogs are perfect to demonstrate product reviews and conduct deep product analysis.


2. A Business Blog Boosts Search Engine Rankings


Who doesn’t love being on top of Google’s ever-loving pyramid?


We all do!


But did you know what factors play a role in pushing your website up the digital search tower?


Search Engine Optimization or lovingly shortened as SEO by digital marketers.


Content plays a special role in boosting the SEO mechanics of your website. When you publish regular fresh content, Google takes note of this and ranks your page according to the keywords.


When a user decides to search for a keyword related to your services or product, guess who shows up on the 1st page of Google?


Your website, of course!


Blogging is an efficient and economical way to rank high among search engines.


3. A Business Blog Builds Credibility


Alright, you’ve got a competitor who sells the exact same products or services that you do.


The only difference? – They don’t have a blog!


Here are a few ways your competitor loses big time in the credibility section.

  • A static page demonstrates a dull website with no content to inform the customers
  • With no product breakdown through blogs, the customer is confused about making a purchase
  • Creating fresh content drives customers to your website
  • High search rankings over your competitor, i.e. organic traffic


A blog automatically puts you ahead of all your competitors with superior content and value to your customers.


4. A Business Blog Creates Community


Building a community through blogs is the supreme way to build debates and communication between your consumers and your brand.


There’s nothing more exciting than great feedback. For instance, having your customers leave positive comments in your recently published blog.


Every time, a customer leaves positive feedback in the comment section, that’s a free testimonial for other customers to build their buying-decision on.


Apart, from this, a blog is an ideal place for customers to put their questions forward. Therefore, it’s a good idea to answer queries and build an everlasting bond through networking.


5. A Blog Acts as a Voice for Your Brand


The way you write in your blog provides a fresh take and how your brand is perceived.


  • Write humorous posts to capture the reader’s attention through witty words
  • Stick to informational posts, to educate your buyers about your product
  • Strike a conversational tone to engage your audience and entertain them


Different writing styles lead to various tones of your company.


Customers are more likely to approach you when you sound personal. It’s critical to transfer your brand’s image through a writing style that demonstrates your service and products.





Gone are the days when blogs were optional for brands. Today, businesses gain 97% more link backs to their website through a blog. And that’s not it, companies have an increase of 55% of traffic due to the presence of a blog.


It’s for you to make a decision – to blog or not.


Are you going to start blogging for your business in 2020? Comment below and let us know!

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