December 16, 2017

5 Tips for Writing Crisp and Engaging Content

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Effective writing skills take years to develop and as a professional writer — it’s necessary to find new ways to reinvent yourself to stay ahead of your peers. Great writing adds wonders to your professional career.

Say for example — you submit a business proposal and the writing is scarred with grammatical mistakes, the client then proceeds to immediately reject your ideas, no matter how innovative they are. It’s important to be clear and to project your vision on paper without losing its core meaning.

Here are 5 easy-to-follow lessons to improve yourself as a writer and to win your clients over with powerful writing.


1. Eliminate Clutter and Jargons

Imagine a chef were to add every spice he lays his hands on to create a dish, it’s a sure-shot recipe for disaster. Similarly, a writer must do away with long sentences and keep the message short and crisp. Lavish vocabulary and fancy idioms confuse the reader, stick to the basics and ensure your content can be read by a 7-year old.

2. Have a Point of your Content

It’s necessary to start and finish well before you begin creating content. Every writer, at some point, faces the problem of losing their way in between while conveying a message. It’s critical to get to the point before the reader loses their attention span. The bridge between an amateur and experienced writer is being able to capture your reader’s attention with information related to your title.

3. Include Facts and Avoid Unclear Phrases

Words like — probably, could, maybe, should, etc. make a writer look uncertain at the facts they are stating. Backup your facts with relevant data and information, utilize hyperlinks to showcase your theories. Never include vague terms that add zero value to the sentence, smart writing requires the writer to flaunt his confidence openly without false claims.

4. Never Stop Writing and Learning

To evolve your writing style, it’s important to write every day and follow a strict schedule. Exceptional writers are constantly learning new ways to revolutionize their skills by reading books and absorbing information. To add credibility to your writing profession, it’s important to convert the information that you learn into actionable content.


5. Edit, Optimize, and Polish your Work

First drafts are always filled with errors and inconsistencies that require you to sharpen the rough edges over multiple edits. As a rule of thumb — always present your work after proofreading a minimum of 3 times. You will be surprised at how many messy words you eliminate from just reading it out loud. Enhancing your work before you publish them drastically improves your writing skills.


Ultimately, writing is a precious skillset that proves invaluable to just about anyone regardless of their profession. Following these rules ensures your writing remains fresh and more importantly — provide useful information to your readers.

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