The website was started by Pavan Punja, a 28-year-old content writer who believes life is a chocolate cake that should be delicately sliced and served to people that bring the brightest smile to others during their distressed times.


I have had the utmost pleasure of experiencing employment as well as entrepreneurship throughout my life. For my first job, I was employed at a real estate agency in the majestic city of Delhi, India. Although it was a fine learning experience, I never felt it was where I belonged. I then decided to return to my hometown in Bangalore, India to take a stab at business and started a mechanical engineering company under the name 'Tech Nova Engineering', which I still continue to oversee to this day.


Writing is something that I have always enjoyed but never considered as a career choice. My favorite topics include psychology, gaming, movies, fitness, technology, etc. I neglected writing as a career due to the sole fact that established writers never tend to receive the recognition they deserve and the effort spent would all be washed down to a few peanuts at the end of a hard day's work.


After days of regret of not pursuing my dream, one day with the encouraging words of my beloved wife --- Arwinder Punja, without whom my career in writing would not have been possible, I decided to start a content writing website in the hope of providing businesses and startups with well-researched, original, and quality content to promote their products. 


I have enjoyed years of writing for various clients and have received numerous feedback along the way. I always ensure negative criticism is improved upon and all the positivity remains evergreen.

My sincerest gratitude for taking time out of your life and getting to know me.